Chuck and Friends: Friends For the Long Haul App Review

Are you looking to hook reluctant readers, particularly the fellas? This app will do the trick.

Chuck and Friends: Friends for the Long Haul released by Ruckus Media is brightly colored, and has  friendly text read by a young, energetic narrator. Readers will identify with this action oriented story which focuses on the characters of the TV show “The Adventures of Chuck and Friends” as they plan a day of dirty play in their favorite junk yard. Beyond the content, the structure of this app pulls in readers and builds confidence, as the lengthy story is divided into sections. To move on to the next section, the reader must guess an item that will help the characters with their project. The reader can match tiles or swipe away dirt to reveal a hidden picture, earning new letters that combine to spell the needed item.

This app is beautifully designed specifically for the active reluctant reader. The sections simulate chapters, lending confidence as each is completed. The collection of spelled words adds further incentive, as children can feel good about the number of sections they’ve completed and then use what they’ve earned in the final mad lib. A slider shows page progress and educators can point out to their student that they’ve just read the same number of pages as a beginning reader chapter book. Educators are constantly complaining that there are never enough materials to entice energetic children to sit down and read. Hand this app to your energetic youngster, and I guarantee that they will become engrossed. If the familiar characters are not enough to pull in the reluctant, then the colorful interactions and fun animations definitely will.


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