Andrew Answers App Review

This app is certain to please children who just can’t help saying “No”,  from their terrible 2s to their sarcastic 6s.Andrew Answers released by Ruckus Media Group takes you through the alphabet, one disobedient answer at a time. Follow Andrew as he gets sent to the principals office, the mayor and eventually the president, answering them in cheeky retorts, starting with each letter of the alphabet.  Antsier readers will enjoy tipping their device to lead Andrew through a maze to his next office visit, engaging them directly in the storytelling. These separations also mimic small chapters, increasing confidence upon completion. The app operates in a read along mode, which displays text along with the narration, or you can swipe the words away and view it as a video. Educators would wish for the text to highlight along with the narration, so that readers could more easily associate textual words with the audio. Parents will also miss the option for recording your own narration. However, the lack of these features do nothing to mar the appeal of this charming storyline gimmick, accompanied by such friendly, bright and dynamic animations. Children and caregivers alike will delight in this productive and educational way to exorcise contradictory fixations.


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