I am a feminist, millennial, philosopher, writer, artist and professional crackpot. I believe in well-researched arguments. I believe that nothing is absolute, female culture has lost its street cred, children’s stories remind adults of the lessons they’ve forgotten, and absurdity is a sign of intelligence.

Among these paperless pages you’ll find:

  • Personal manifestos and my philosophy of living weird.
  • Reexaminations of feminist arguments.
  • Discussions of tactics for a feminist rebranding.
  • Discussions of children’s media, why it matters and future possibilities.

The topics discussed here will seem scattered, but I hope you will come to see that they are all different sides to the same coin. That in our militaristic, dominance-minded and aethletically preoccupied world, the things that make us most human are adamantly undervalued, discouraged and ignored. That what is considered weakness should be viewed as strength. That all categories are approximations and exceptions do not necessarily disprove the rule. I preach balance, partnership, equality and most importantly, an open mind.

My mind is wide open, dare you enter?


3 responses to “Hello,

  1. Looooooove the new look. I’m tempted to switch to this theme!

  2. OMG Yes! Absurdity is definitely a sign of intelligence! At least, that is what I keep telling myself as I make silly pun after silly pun… 🙂 Looking forward to reading your posts!

    • Hi Phoebe!
      Thanks so much for checking me out! I’ve been creeping your blog for a while and I love it! I don’t post much on this blog because I’m working on launching a blog in conjunction with my budding jewelry/tshirt business Steampunk Parliament. But I would love to keep in touch. Love your work and am looking forward to reading Riftmaker!
      Thanks again!

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